Areca County is a unique property with just 5 premium cottages. Although technically we are registered as a homestay, our build quality & amenities are on par with a star hotel or a resort (excluding swimming pool, spa or a such few services). The cottages around the 1929 heritage home were constructed exclusively for guests and has full-time people including a cook & multiple housekeeping staff. You get an authentic local experience with best of comfort, homely vegetarian food & service.

We basically have two type of independent cottages:
Deluxe Cottage is good for two adults.
Family Cottage is good for families with children.

Each cottage has a private bathroom and daily housekeeping is included.
There is no minimum stay requirement.

Select your choice of cottage below:

We send acknowledgement, receipts and invoice for your payments. We accept all digital payments methods:

  • UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe etc
  • Visa & Master Cards

Once booked, your stay is guaranteed. We have never cancelled a booking from our side.
Public reviews on third party sites should also confirm our credibility and quality of services.

If you have any queries send us a SMS or WhatsApp +91-8762006200

The economies of small scale remote property will not be same as large properties.
Further, we don’t optimise for occupancy, instead focus on providing best experiences to limited guests who appreciate our uniqueness.
If you have time, you could also read behind the scenes of our homestay operations.

We are also listed on third party platforms, however if you book there you need to contact them for all billing and booking related queries.
We are generally flexible with our policies when booked directly, however strict with all the policies displayed on third party websites.
Our team will also not be about answer questions about listings or offers displayed on third party websites.

  • When you book directly we are flexible with cancellations & refunds.
    • When you book through third party you have to contact them(and not us) for any cancellations and refunds.
    • If you made a non-cancellable booking on third party website, you have to ask them and not us.
  • When you book directly we are flexible with rescheduling.
    • When you book through third party and change of date has to be made through them.
    • For third party bookings, you have to contact them and not us directly for rescheduling.
  • When you book directly you get better communication.
    • Our team contacts you about your arrival time, food preferences etc.
    • Our team is available to answer any queries on your sight seeing plans.
    • Our team will also assist you with cab rentals for local travel.
    • However when you book through third party they don’t share your contact details with us and we cannot pro-actively communicate with you. We recommend you to contact us and inform about your booking.
  • When you book directly you can check-in online and just walk-in to your cottage on arrival.
  • You have a choice on whether you want to deal with call waits and calls centres of large companies or just reach us directly.
    • Do carefully check about the terms & policies displayed on third party websites and authenticity of such providers.
    • If you happen to use third party, they will be your point of contact for billing/booking related queries.
  • Irrespective of where you book you still get best of our services once you arrive at the property.

Lastly thank you for going through all the details on our website.
You can avail free breakfast by using coupon code “BREAKFAST” while making a reservation on our official website 🙂


Areca County is proudly the highest rated property amongst all the hotels, resorts and home stays in Honnavar.