Areca County becomes a Life Member of Karnataka Tourism Society

We are thrilled to announce that Areca County now has the honour of becoming a life member of the Karnataka Tourism Society (KTS). This accolade is a testament to Areca County’s dedication to preserving the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Karnataka, while providing exceptional hospitality to its guests.

An Overview of Karnataka Tourism Society (R)

The Karnataka Tourism Society (KTS) is a prestigious organization dedicated to the promotion and development of tourism in Karnataka. Established with the aim of fostering a sustainable and inclusive tourism sector, KTS brings together stakeholders from various domains, including hospitality, travel agencies, tour operators, and property owners. The society works towards enhancing the tourism experience by advocating for high standards of service, preserving cultural and natural heritage, and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Life membership in KTS is a mark of recognition and commitment. It signifies a long-term partnership aimed at mutual growth and the shared goal of promoting Karnataka as a premier tourist destination. For Areca County, this membership is not just a badge of honour but also a platform to engage more deeply with the tourism ecosystem, benefit from collaborative initiatives, and contribute to policy advocacy and community-based tourism projects.