1929 Diner

We have a pure veg kitchen serving simple South Indian food with local cuisine.

We have a cook to cater to you taste buds. You can eat as much as you like with our unlimited buffet.

We are happy to make any special food arrangements for elderly or kids, with pre-intimation.

Please note that we do not sell alcohol.

Menu & Timings

We have standard timings for the diner. Timings can be customised for group bookings of all 5 cottages.

Breakfast: 8am to 9:30am
Rotating menu that may include idli, vada, mangalore buns, kesari bath, upma, poha, bread, cut fruits, tea, coffee, milk etc

Lunch: 1pm to 2:30pm
Dinner: 8pm to 9:30pm
Rotating menu that may include white rice, rasam, sambhar, dal, pickle, papad,  chapati, poori, chutney, flavoured rice, curd rice, salad, sweet etc

Bottled water, cold drinks and ice cream are available.

Evening tea and snacks can be arranged on request.

Honavar Food

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